position S08 54.700 W102 39.600

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 28 Aug 2017 15:32
Monday 28th  August.  146 miles for 24 hrs.

A reasonably quiet night bowling along at 6-7 knots with a 15 Kn southerly wind on the beam. The sea has quietened a little and life returning to the routine of cuppas, meals, reading, washing, sorting fresh produce, -we still have quite a few oranges, limes, kiwis, a couple of grapefruit, potatoes, cabbage and some beetroot that I haven't worked out how to incorporate into my one pot meals without Diana noticing. I finished decorating my walking stick- it has been converted to a Galapagos trophy with Sealion, Tortoise, Igunana and Hawk plus a knot tailed snake that is found only on the previously undiscovered newly named island of Diadam.

Sun shining now after a grey start to the day. We still get visits from shearwaters and storm petrels. The one occasional visitor I don't understand is 
a red billed tropic bird working its way upwind- from where it comes and where it goes who knows, but they seem poorly designed for long distance travel over oceans. I'm not sure they can even swim.

It is quite dark now at 6 am. I am not sure if I should have changed the clock yet. I think I will wait till 105 deg which is still a way off.

Happy bank holiday everyone.