position S029 3.600 E167 56.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 4 May 2019 07:36

Saturday 5th May  422 miles to New Caledonia

Anchored off Norfolk Island! Not great shelter so even though the bay faces south  and the wind is north of east we are still rolling almost as much as out at sea. May make it brief stop and move on. The island has a rocky shore and looks green and covered with lots of Norfolk Pines. Philip Island to the south looks more craggy and higher with interesting reddy patches.
We were welcomed by a pair of very interested Norfolk Boobys about 10 miles out and then by lot more Boobys and then by Dolphins so it was a very sociable arrival.
Once anchored we were investigated more sinisterly by a pair of drones, but no boats to welcome us or even injians in canoes offering fish for fags. The days of the penal colony are long gone but we may not discover how friendly the natives are.

Still perplexed by the electric issues which return to haunt me - the engine starts if I short solenoid terminals so it must be a connection but which and where evades me.

We had another breakage overnight- the starboard spinnaker pole sheared at the mast end. It must have been under compression and was twisting with the jib sheet motion. I have stowed it o the mast but I doubt it is fixable without a new end piece.  So much for learning my lessons rope and gear wear. 

The forecast looks a bit north eastererly now having been nicely south-east untill recently. That will put us close hauled which we don't like at all but I don't think we can wait here for better wind.