position S12 27.100 E130 49.200

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 11 Sep 2019 13:18

Wednesday 11th Sept

I had given up on the wind instruments last night to but with a last throw of the dice this morning I removed the radar screen to  see if it was concealing anything like a black box and the usually dim light above my head immediatey switched on bright. I had been looking at he wrong set of wires all day yesterday- the cable I had been chasing was the radar cable- not the wind sender. It had  exactly the same 6 coloured wires inside as the cable in the B&G document. It then became clear that there is no black box- the wires go straight to the Hornet 4 monitor unit on the chart desk. Looking at another set of wires of the right colour I discerned that the violet, green, blue and black wires were connected to the Hornet 4 but the red and orange wires were not. Rigged up some temporary replacement wires and Ureka the wind speed and direction were once more reported.

It took a long time to extract the broken cable through the ceiling, cupboards and voids leaving a mouse line to re-route a new cable, before noticing that the break was within a couple of inches of the mast end and I probably could have just shortened the cable a bit.  The nearby chandlery didn't have the same cable and recommended an electrical supplier on the edge of town so a long upwind cycle ride to buy cable (not quite the same but close) and I have been fighting to re-route it for the rest of the day.
The saloon and galley look like a cyclone has passed through. There is no-where to sit down except the cockpit and the aft berth to which I have retreated. I will tidy up in the morning and with luck a mechanic will appear.


So continuing with the Boris analagy there is still hope for him if he changes tack or removes an unkown impediment- maybe if he dumps the ERG and the DUP and joins forces with JC then he can get a great deal and everyone will love him.   If I spot any flying crocodiles I will know he has done it.

I stopped for a hair cut on the way from the electrical shop and the barber was a young chap from Sheffield. He is working his way round the world cutting hair - rather a good plan I thought. You earn a good wage, you meet the locals and hair needs cutting everywhere. He left school at 16, trained as a barber and the world is his oyster. He plans to carry on till 30 before returning home.