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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 1 Jan 2017 19:44
Saturday 17th Dec.
We are waiting at 'the Flats' which is the designated area for yachts waiting for canal transits. Our advisor should meet us here and then at 5.45pm we will be making way towards the 1st Lock. We have been joined by Sonya and Zak who we pressganged as line handlers from the neighbouring yacht in Shelter Bay. They are Australian (from Queensland) and were holidaying with Sonya's sister and husband on their boat with promiss of a couple of weeks touring the idylic San Blass Islands. Unfortunately the boat was struck by lightning (a common occurance it seems) the first night out and had to return to the marina for repairs. There is great demand for electricians to re-wire boats if anyone suitably qualified wants to have a free holiday in Shelter Bay.
We left shelter Bay on a slightly sour note having had trouble getting fuel from the fuel barge. We had tried on 2 previous occasions but they either had technical issues or were off having a christmas party. This time a big fat power boat was hogging the fuel dock so we were directed to tie up against the barge with its dirty tyres and then had to wait an hour in choppy water rubbing up and down on the tyres. Meanwhile they ignored us and proceeded to fill the power boat with a zillion gallons of fuel while I struggled to hold the boat off the barge. Then when I asked for some more fuel than I had estimated I needed I was refused unless I got another ticket from the office. At that point I lost my cool and signed the ticket Mickey Mouse. Otherwise although the work was done at a hopelessly slow pace we found the numerous marina staff friendly and helpful. V in the shop was particularly sad to say goodby to Dad who had won her heart with his usual charm.