position 29:12.0N 32:56.E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 8 Mar 2023 11:45
We set out early this morning in 14-15kn and made a good tack out to the shipping lane and back by which time the wind was getting up to 28kn again. So much for our forecasts. As we were approaching another anchorage in a shallow bay we have dropped the hook at Ras Mal'ab.
I am beginning to think that 30kn is the norm for this stretch. The high mountains each side and narrowing stretch of water must funnel the wind through. I am not sure how much further though before the hills peter out. We may have to grit our teeth and try and tack through regardless.
There is an unfinished or abandoned set of buildings to the east of the bay, looking very ghost townish. A couple of fishermen casting their lines from the shore and a couple of good sized leading marks showing the line to the anchorage. We dragged again initially but have held now. We were holding so well last night in the 25+kn wind that I was expecting to struggle to retrieve the anchor but it came up with a little nudge forward from the engine. My jury rigged switch system working so far.