position S08 41.700 W119 42.300

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 4 Sep 2017 20:07
Monday 4th September. 136 miles for 24 hrs.

The sea has settled or we have become imunised to the roll and we had a relativey comfortable day and night. I didn't get much sleep though due to regular squalls requiring cautious reduction of jib. The squalls seem much fiercer at night although the full moon was so bright at times that dark glasses were almost required to look at it. The wind has become noticeably warmer. It is now possible to make night-time adjustments without a shirt.

I thought to give the engine a run with the hot shower in mind but it is doing its trick of not engaging the starter motor again. Our electrico in Santa Cruz obviously didn't do such a good job as he claimed or indeed charged for. I will give it another try later with a bit more of the suns energy in the battery before getting out the spanners.

I have won the last 2 games at level 5 of my chess program so feeling quite pleased with myself. Previously I had either drawn or lost them all. I am permitted however to use the undo buttom for silly mistakes of which there are plenty. A quick go at level 6 suggests I still need to improve before moving up.