position N07 25 400 W 52 23 500

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 5 May 2015 16:44
15:30 05/05/15 137 miles
A skua is circling ever coser to the boat so that Dominic could almost reach out and shake hands/wing. It has maybe heard that we hand out flying fish to passing Skuas- a long tailed skua was the beneficiary this morning but in the absence of fish I offered it a piece of stale toast which it picked up and analysed but dropped in disgust. The book about the voyages of the Beagle that I am reading mentions that albatross always circle the boat in a clockwise direction. Darwin wonders if north of the equator they would switch to anti. The skuas have cirled both ways but maybe we are close enough to the equator for it not to count.

Just hit the 200 to go mark so should arrive Paramamibo in the early hours on thursday- election day if we recall correctly. We shan't be able to effect the outcome but may be able to pick up results somewhere.

I have been trying to produce an acceptable loaf of bread with some very out of date breadmix and just out of date yeast. So far the results have been on the dense side of solid but just about makes passable toast. I will have a go this afternoon with some flour we bought from the baker in Sau Philipe on Fogo- seems like a lifetime ago.