position N04 59.000 W78 12.100

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 20 Jan 2017 16:05
Friday 20th Jan

Not sure if this is working properly back on the old sat phone after long conversations with mailasail and several failed attempts to get connected to the new fast(er) satellite receiver.Seemes there is an equipment failure- possibly the network cable that I had made up in Mutis. Everything was available in Mutis if you knew who to ask- in my case Jorge (mechanico).

Left Bahia Solano yesterday around 11am -past the outer bouy and sailing south in nice westerly breeze at noon. The breeze kept up untill dusk and then eased but still just enough to keep OR moving overnight at 2-4 knots so didn't risk the engine for the extra 2 knots.

The wind has now picked up again and we are making good progress south at 5-6 knots. The current that slowed us badly last time out seems to have been reversed or at least neutralised with the wind change.

I have just pulled in a plump spanish mackerel- must have been the smallest of a few as the rest of the hooks on the line have all vanished. Fresh fish for dinner for the 1st time for a long time.

Had a good cleaning session this morning before the wind picked up and de-rusted the chimney flue that was threatening to be overwhelmed by the rust. Not that I expect to be using it anytime soon.

Actually saw a ship on the horizon this morning- just to remind me that this part of the ocean is not completely mine to do as I please.