position 7:03.9N 73:28.7E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 28 Jan 2023 02:21
Sat 28th Jan 116m

Now motoring with no wind but enough swell to make for an uncomfortable night. A slight sea with no wind to stabilise the rolling can be worse than a force 5 with 2-3m waves.
The wind started dropping in the morning yesterday and being more easterly I attempted to raise the parasailor. I had read that some people fly it with reefed main so I left the main up and then struggled for an hour or so with wraps and twists resisting all my efforts and swearing before giving up in ignominious defeat. Much later after recovering in the afternoon I took the main down and up went the parasailor 1st try. Lesson learned. It just about filled giving 4kn of speed with 4kn of (apparent) wind but finally collapsed at around midnight so down it came and engine on.
Should reach an anchorage in the northern most of the Maldives sometime this afternoon.