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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 26 Apr 2019 20:25

Monday 22nd April   Forbidden City & Summer Palace.

t might be better to do the Forbidden City before the Great Wall. The FC is an impressive set of buildings on a grand scale but it is crowded and doesn't have quite the wowness of the awsome wall. There are massive courtyards surrounded by smaller courtyards and the architecture is consistent throughout. 

These workers were applying natural (jute?) fibre in resin to the timbers -presumably to preserve them. I can't imagine that would be a conservation tehnique that would be approved at home. There are no signs of decay anywhere - presumably the site gets continuously maintained so the sense of age is lost.

Dragons, lions and elephants recur throughout with the occasional crane thrown in. It seems to me that the chinese were not given to fantacism much so perhaps the dragons are based on a real creature.  They certainly are consistent in shape.
The Summer Palace is a trek out to the outskirts and we were struggling to find a metro station when a taxi driver assured us that the tube was shut on account of a presidential visit. Our feet believed him more than our heads so we fell in to the car for a comfy ride.
The isn't a Palace as we would imagine but several temples dotted around a large lake. The number of animals on the ridge tiles denotes the importance of the building. I think 7 is the most you can have.


We took a ride back into town and got the driver to drop us at Tianamen square for a final site see must tick off in Beijing.
Noodles for supper.