position N06 13.916 W77 24.580

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 17 Jan 2017 14:40
Tuesday 17th Jan

The satellite connection was down yesterday but seems back up today. I pestered Ed from mailasail via whatsapp on his day off so hope he doesn't hold it against me. I will probably need his advice when I plug in the new receivor. Which arrived yesterday -I made a 3rd trip up to the airport only to be told that the box had been sent down to the office in town. Could have saved mself 6k in caro fares.I am still short of a network cable to complete the new installation. I doubt that I will find one in Mutis but will try this afternoon.

Jorge (mechanico) was back on board briefly this morning as there is an oil leak on a hose connection. He has taken it away to see if he can weld up the leaky joint.
No joy with the alternator as yet- I have tried various connections and fried a cable in the process. Hope I haven't damaged anything else. Waitning to Jorge to return with hose before trying the next option.

Jorge asked when my crew are arriving-I told him that I will be sailing solo to Ecuador- he indicated that I am mad.

The jobs list is reducing and hopefully the last couple of items will be sorted today...