position S18 31.800 W166 45.400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 6 Jun 2018 19:44
TUESDAY 5th June.  Towards Nuie. 107 miles 24hrs.

The wind died gradually in the afternoon/evening untill no movement prompted an engine run from 3am to 7.30am. Now just enough breeze from south east to give 3-4kn with jib and main on port tack.

I didn't mention the cyclone the hit Palmerston in 1924.  There were about 100 people on the island and only one was killed but the island was stripped bare leaving them nothing at all-no coconuts no clothes no boats. They had to survive for 3 years by scavenging from the beach before a passing yacht raised the alarm and provisions sent. Maybe that was when they started the habit of eating Tropic Bird chicks.

One funny story about the chicks- a few years ago the chicks had been divided up when one chick decided it could fly and took off to the reef. The family wanted a re-distribution but by then it was their chick so their loss.

180 to go to Nuie- could be another night arrival which will be fun as they have mooring bouys again.

Tropic bird chicks being unloaded (Boisin Birds)