position S22 16.600 E166 26.400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 21 May 2019 20:01

Tuesday 21 May

Busy day in marina. Good news is that the stay has been made but we still await David the rigger to come and fit it. In the mean time I managed to  re-rig the jib halyard which involves climbing the mast, dropping a mouse line and fishing it out of the slot towards the bottom helpfuly labelled Genoa 1. It is the 1st time I have been all the way to the top and I had to go twice as I dropped the mouse 1st time round. I attached myself with the main halyard and got Diana to keep some tension on unlike David who free climbed. Its not very difficult though with with mast steps all the way.
While at the top I noticed that the mast light had disappeared (diana had previously noticed that the light wasn't working)-it was mounted on top of the anchor light and had taken the anchor light casing with it.
I was told that there is a larger chandlers round the other side of the bay so cylcled round and rummaged through their navigation lights. They are all LED these days which  is good for power consumption but bad for price which has increased in inverse proportion to amps. I found a nice combination anchor/tricolour but what with the LED's, the island factor and the french factor the price would have made Richard Branson look twice. Seeing my tatty hat the assistant phoned his boss and negotiated a discount but I am still not admitting the total to anyone, least of all myself. They also had nice straw hats so I used the discount to improve my appearance and now the shop assistants will be climbing over each other to sell me their most expensive stuff.
The engine battery was still showing black in the tell tale window (should be green) despite more than a day on shore power so I did the rounds of garages to find a replacement and the cheapest equivalent was conveniently at our nearest garage. By weight it was a bargain compared to the light (which was probably more per oz than saffron) but still added a chunk to the maintenance column.
Back up the mast once more to see how the light could be fitted and I was done for the day.