Kuala Lumpur

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 6 Dec 2022 00:55

Back in Malaysia after a 5 month summer break -just in time to miss a cold snap at home. 31 deg in KL!

Very smooth flight, arrived 6 in the evening -queued an hour or so for immigration and took taxi to the delightful Chow Kit Hotel for our 2 night stay. Tried to get a Grab (local Uber) but the driver couldn’t find us so had to take an airport taxi- double the fare but I don’t think the grab would have factored in the motorway fees.

Collapsed in bed but sleep patterns disrupted and Diana found an air con noise that was going to prevent any chance of dropping off. Hotel staff unable to stop the noise which wasn’t our aircon but something more deep seated in the hotels system.

View from Bedroom window


Good day exploring KL. Markets, towers, street food & lights. Petronas Towers closed on Mondays but KL tower open for great all round views of the city. KL has the 2nd tallest building in the world and the average height of buildings must be well up the list of cities. Not much evidence left of its colonial past. The scruffiest building is the national theatre which I worked on 25 years ago – it hasn’t weathered well.

2nd tallest building2nd tallest building

Street foodStreet food

Petronas Towers alight with DP


Now waiting for our taxi to Pankor Marina and Ocean Rival. Nervous of what we will find.