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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 9 Sep 2019 12:07
Monday 9th Sept

Nafea had to retrieve his pressure test equipment that was stuck on a boat somewhere so didn't arrive untill mid morning but quickly got testing, excluded the heat exchanger, the pipe stack, the whole fresh water circuit  and the verdict was head gasket. So off came the head with all its fancy head gear and it is on its way to Nafeas workshop for a clean up. The gasket looks pretty O.K but Nafea found a couple of tiny  pin holes and is satisfied that a new one will cure the problem. I don't have a spare gasket on board (I should have) so that is ordered but may take a few days so I don't expect to see Nafea till wednesday at the earliest.

So my stay in Darwin is extended and I shall struggle to keep busy and/or amused. I did remember that the wind indicator has packed up too and I can see if there is anything to be done for that. A trip up the mast didn't reveal anything other than a cable disapearing into the mast -connections at the base and at the instruments all looking O.K. There are several parts that could be faulty and at the moment I am not sure how to find out which one it is.

A new boat might be a more effective solution but this one is going to get back home with me aboard if its the last thing I do (which it probably will be).

Harriet & Sam are moving today into their new des res in Woodcote-  good luck and hope you ae both very happy in the new house.