position 24:17.0N 36:14E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 2 Mar 2023 05:37
Thursday 2nd March

Now port tack sailing close to north and overnight starboard tack motor sailing back slightly north of west. Similar pattern emerging although the forecast for the next couple of days is for very little wind. Ironically we make better progress with no wind motoring direct on course than with good wind but tacking. The narrow finger above Hurghada looks even more tricky from the guide-our Suez agent Captn Habeeb recommends keeping to the east side and has given a few anchorages. Looks like winds and currents tend to increase in the narrow straight.

Diana is running out of wool for knitting and unread book supply is getting low. Touch and go whether she succumbs to boredom and jumps before Suez or goes proper mad and throws the skipper over. My very hard piece of wood is unlikely to become a recognisable object before final destination and I quite like re-reading books as my memory is sufficiently poor to have forgotten what happened the 1st time. Any gossip from beyond her confined space gratefully received.