position S08 55.200 W132 30.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 10 Sep 2017 16:40
Sunday 11th September. 132 miles for 24 hrs.
Missed a day due to lots of emailing about starter motors. Doug Ashley who has the boat yard opposite us at St Olaves has been very helpful as has Neil who provided the email address and Dad who has been doing lots of research. Thank you all.
So far Doug has been giving very clear instructions about what to test and how- it is quite a slow process just because of time differences and I am slow to pick up emails this end -they don't just appear as they would at home with a beep, I have to connect up the computer, red box, sat phone and log on.

Another sunny day -the last few have been mostly sunny which is just as well now the wind has dropped and we need the sun for electrics. The sea was more settled last night but the jib was occasionally loosing then catching the wind with a thump that sent a juddering through the boat and disturbed sleepers. I have changed course more southerly to recover our excess north and stabilise the jib.

Report of Tsunamis from Mexico and Hurricanes in Florida have kept us alert, but fortunately no signs of unusual waves here.

Forecast is for lighter winds so we may slow down as we approach our landfall. Should arrive sometime wednesday all being well.

Finished the Wahoo last night with fish fingers for supper. It certainly saved our tinned supplies over the last few days and improved our diet no end.