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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 17 Aug 2017 17:31
Thurs 17th August

Finally escaped Santa Cruz at dawn this morning, slightly delayed by catching a stern anchor line from a cruise boat. The harbour was well packed with moored boats leaving narrow channels between, all barred with the anchor lines. We required the assistance of a water taxi to pull us clear. Fortunately not too many spectators at 5.30 in the morning to witness our blunder.

We had a lengthy session with the electrician yesterday afternoon/evening. He turned up as scheduled with the starter motor beautifuly cleaned and polished. Quite a struggle to fit it back on but with a fan fare the engine started perfectly- except no charge. The alternator was once more dormant. Jiorgio and his brother were doggedly determined to find the fault and spent the next 5 hours swapping alternators, testing wires, climbing into the aft locker to check the ignition switch and eventually arriving at the conclusion that the excitation wire was faulty and so rigged up an improvised switch that manually gets the alternator going. That appears to be working O.K today so we press on to Isabella with hope back in our hearts.

However the engine has just gone on due to wind shortage and need to reach port in the light but 16V registering is too much charge so I have switched off the alternator. Still something amiss I am afraid. There should be extra lobster for dinner in the Alvarez household tonight given the income boost we have funded. I noticed that Jorgio was eyeing up a new motor bike on his phone while his brother's head was buried in the engine.

Tourism has taken a back seat for the last couple of days but we have enjoyed another walk to Tortuga bay and yesterday returned to complete the ascent of Cerro Croker which we missed previously due to a wrong turn. Despite being the highest point it was an easier climb than Puntudo and the summit rather blighted by a forest of telecom masts. Still a pleasant walk in the mist returning to a good hearty chicken soup for lunch in the village of Bellavista from where the walk starts.

We should arrive in Isabella this afternoon all being well.