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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 17 Sep 2017 18:02
Sunday 17th September. Nuku Hiva.

The bay in which we are anchored is surrounded by soaring green mountains with no interuption apart from the entrance which now looks very easy but gave us a nervy night passage.
After coffee on the pier we walked up the hill a little way to find the gendamerie for registration. The Gendarme however told us to come back on monday. Walking on up we were able to turn left onto an upper road which gave views across the bay and then return to the bay past a little well provisioned supermarket and past the sports centre where games of boules were underway. We found the bank and after returning to the boat to fetch my wallet,  took out the maximum 15000 pcf. Before knowing the exchange rate we splashed out on some frozen steaks and fresh veg for supper- we may have balked if we had known.  
Further exploration found the tourist office (closed) and a craft market full of amazing carvings. We climbed up the small hill which projects into the bay and on which the lower navigation light is perched along with a newly made massive sculpture of a warrier emerging from  mother earth.
A wifi session at the pier cafe and back to the boat for some cleaning and tidying. The bottom of the boat has a good growth of goose barnacles and the white top sides are stained with yellow spattering which hard scrubbing is very slow to remove. 
Champagne and steak supper capped a delightful, relaxing day.
Now off to see if the tourist office is open and can give us a map for exploring further afield.