position S04 46.600 W94 35.800

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 24 Aug 2017 12:53
Thursday 24th August.

125miles logged 6am-6am. Slowed due to choppy sea putting the brakes on every 6th wave or so. Maybe a not such a favourable current as well. I don't entirely trust the mechanical log reading as the impeller may be weedy so can't be sure of speed through the water compared with speed over the ground. Diana missed supper last night due to the more uncomfortable motion - I made a large pot of chicken curry with 1/2 a chicken bought from the little market in Puerto Villamil-should do a couple more nights so delicous as it is we may be fed up with chicken curry by the tme it is finished. Yesterday was grey pretty much all day with just  a glimse of sun and today has started even greyer.
Strange bright white lights on the horizon spotted at 8pm- 4 lights just beyond the horizon to our port side too far spaced for a single ship each creating a sizeable glow in the sky. Must have been ships in convoy- naval manouvers?  My AIS might have told me what they were but isn't hooked up -I will try and get it going
Diana sewed a very neat curtesy flag blank using a pillow case that we bought in Ecuador for that purpose. I have stared painting it with red and blue for the  Chile national flag.