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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 24 May 2019 19:32

Wednesday 22 May
Frustrating day in the marina. Started with a wild goose chase hunting for a waterproof junction box for the new light which is supplied with just a 2 wire tail. In the end improvised a plastic pot from the supermarket to house a connection block. The wiring should be simple in theory- connect red to +ve and black to -ve and the mast light comes on, connect the other way round and the  anchor light comes on. A 3 position toggle switch is supplied with 4 wires. The wiring diagram also looks pretty simple.
I have tried every combination of wires and so far only get anchor light but no mast (tricolour).
The light is fitted on the mast and the wiring is fairly well waterproofed but I took the walkie talkie radio up with me to tell Diana which switch to try while I was up top. It was clipped onto my belt and caught on a halyard and bounced off the deck straight into the water. I tried to dive for it but the visibility is not great and I didn't find it. 
So after a day and a half all I have to show is an anchor light which I already had and I am down one radio. I will sleep on the wiring diagram and see if it inspires inspiration overnight.
No sign of David today- He called at the fabricator who was still working on it having said it was ready.

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