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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 26 May 2019 00:04

Saturday 25th May
We made a final trip to the market for fresh provisions, settled up with the marina and I tidied up the wiring with some speaker wire from a HiFi shop. We topped up the fuel- it is duty free when o leave with a form from the customs office so I should have left the re-fueling that we did when we arrived untill later.
We left harbour at around 11am in light winds, the lagoon living up to its name now with flat blue water. Motor sailed much of the day but managed one good tack not too far off course before we were headed as the wind funelled through the channel between the main  land and isle Ouen at the bottom of New Caledonia.  As I furled the jib the line slipped off the drum- I hand't put enough turns on when rigging the forestay. There  was a convenient anchorage at the end of the chanel so we dropped the anchor just after the sun set and had some supper and re-wrapped the furling line with extra turns. We grabbed a couple of hours sleep before setting off again at midnight.

nice sky colours with the sun set.