position N06 13.916 W77 24.580

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 17 Jan 2017 15:34

Progress today not so great. Couldn't get any volts from the original alternator or from the spare one that our predecessor had left in store. That wasn't unexpected but it was a surprise that the new alternator also appears to be producing no volts. I had some difficulty fitting the new one as the geometry is different but it spins and the belt tension is O.K. So why no output? I will phone the supplier for advice and see if Jorge has any ideas tomorrow. I took a Caro up to the airport at lunch time but no sign of the missing box. Looks like try again tomorrow for that too. I walked back from the airport and took a diversion up to the Chocolata Falls which are signed with a brown tourist sign. Quite a hike up the river negotiating several rapids -fortunatelty had a dry bag for my wallet and phone and was able to keep my clothes drry in the rucksack. The falls emerged round a bend and were quite impressive with a good deep swimming pool at the base. Several lads came up after me and had great time jumping off a fallen tree into the pool.
I had a visit after I got back and it appears that I am to host a wedding this evening. A young policeman came out in a lanche and asked if he could get married on the boat! I pointed out the oil stains everywhere but he didn't appear to be bothered. I may have misunderstood the whole thing but I have since been tidying and cleaning busily -a job that was overdue anyway. I hope they don't think as captain that I can perform the ceremony. Maybe I can get them to sign the log book. I will report later.

(Update-No sign of wedding party before bedtime. Must have either been a hoax or the bride refused.)