position 19:27.0N 37:50.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 25 Feb 2023 07:10
Saturday 25th Feb

Tacking across the red sea in light wind with still lumpy sea makes for very slow progress. We added some engine umph overnight to clear the many scattered reefs and islets north of Talla Talla, and now clear we are making 3-4kn in about 10kn wind and tacking through about 140 deg. The amounts to a vmg (effective speed) of about 1.25kn. I say about 10kn because the wind speed indicator is stuck on 0. I suspect some interference from something loose at the mast head. Looking at anchorages further north for a mast climb there are several in the guide, some sheltered and some with narrow entrances through reefs, others with tricky bottoms strewn with coral heads. I have looked out a couple that may be suitable, reached in a day or two's time.
Just remembered I have my hand held wind speed instrument from my hang gliding days. I will dig it out.