position N09 28 800 W58 42 850

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 22 Oct 2015 11:51
Thursday 22nd Oct.
Another hot day developing after the hottest day yet yesterday. Managed somehow to get sunburned on my chest/tum despite trying to stay in the shade at all times. The gas problem wasn't resolved by the hammer blow to the regulator as it then ran down to a trickle and eventually nothing. More hammer blows ineffective. After much experimenting with different connections I found an old calor regulator at tyhe bottom of a locker and having bought 2 calor bottles for just such an emergency was able to connect up succesfuly and we had our 2nd cup of tea with much celebration at 5.30pm - the 1st having been at 6.30 am before the gas expired.
With wind behind we threw caution to it and raised the spinaker at around 10am, achieving our goal of a daylight projected arrival time. Bravado failed in the evening with lightning playing across the sky ahead of us and the spinaker came down at 7pm. We never caught up with the lightning and spent a roly night under main only. In the morning the wind came round easterly so we now make 6Kn on a broad reach with main and genny, and the daylight arival time tomorrow is back on the gps.