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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 15 Sep 2019 12:22
Sunday 15th Sept

Last couple of days tidying and sorting. Usually cleaning the cooker is the last job of a bored boat husband but I have done that and moved on to the bilges. One of the previous owners had stored a plastic sack full of charcoal in the bilge and I have always put off the task of extracting it. The sack had broken and disinterated so I had to pick out the charcoal which was sopping up oily bilge water. There was also a length of anchor chain and  3 lengths of mooring rope which I have extracted, cleaned and sorted into usable lengths. I also made a plywood box for the new oil pressure and temperature guages that Nafea is fitting. He isn't happy that I don't have working instruments to monitor the engine - they haven't worked since we bought the boat and I felt that problems hinted at by instruments would either disapear or soon become obvious (like steam emerging from the cabin).  No Nafea today but he had a long session yesterday evening putting back the head and the add on bits. The engine seems to be running O.K but full testing is tomorrow with the new instruments fitted.

This afternoon needing to escape the cleaning jobs I cycled round the coast to Darwin National Park which is a forest further out along the Tiger Brennan Drive. It was used in the war for amunition storage and there is a display about the PacificWar in one of the nissan huts.  

The park has a good view across the bay of the city

and a well marked array of mountain bike tracks.

I challenged my Brompton to one of the tracks and it managed pretty well - I gave it a rest against  a termite mound.

There are weired plants here I haven't seen before.

It is a pleasure cycling round Darwin with very good segregated cycle paths and I have had them all to myself. I guess it takes more than good cycle paths to get people out of their cars in Oz.

My neighbours in the marina are leaving their boat for the cyclone season and flying back to  Adelaide- looking forward to 16 deg C and some rain! They offloaded their unused preishable stores to me which has improved my provisioning significantly- oranges, onions, chilli sauce, dressing, mustard. The bottled sauces I would have kept and used for another couple of years but I am not complaining.