position S08 55.000 W140 05.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 16 Sep 2017 18:03

Saturday 16th September. 1:30 am

Anchored! Nuka Hiva.
Skipped Hiva Oa- more in the morning.

This was due to be sent last night but an electrical fault prevented it. Now 9.30 am

We had a look at Hiva Oa which was our chosen landfall but were enjoying being at sea so much we thought we would pass it by. Actually we reached Hiva Oa on Thursday night ready to turn into the bay but engine didn't start. We are very used to the disapointment but  thought that every precaution to ensure good battery charge had been taken. I think either the engine battery is faulty or is leaking charge when switched off. Any way we then had to decide whether to try and anchor in a strange bay in the dark under sail or carry on to Nuka Hiva which is the main adminstrative centre for the Marquesas, another 70 miles north-west. With good wind we should reach it in daylight and the batteries should be charged during the day.
The only fault with the plan was not allowing for the wind shadow behind Hiva Oa which left us becalmed for  half the day while we drifted in circles waiting either for wind or sun. Even more frustrating was the choppy sea with little white horses dancing round us but not a breath of wind to fill the sail. Eventually we drifted clear and the wind changing from nothing to 20 knots in the space of a couple of minutes. So we had a good close hauled tack heading north-west, got the engine going in the afternoon and reached Nuka Hiva in the dark. The gps location was a good mile out but there was just enough starlight to make out the bay entrance and  a few lights appeared. We were very grateful for a pair of red navigation lights on the shore that lined up and gave us the route in between the sentinels that guard the entrance.
Slept like logs and now just sorting out ready for a trip ashore to report to the gendarmerie. Champagne in the fridge for this evening.