Wet underneath again.

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 15 Dec 2016 22:52
We are finally back in in the water and have temporairly escaped the confines of Shelter Bay. The saga of our 3 week delay is long and boring and I have recorded the basics for later posting. We are currently anchored in the river Chagres- about 6 miles along the coast and a very pleasant change from the marina.The parrots are squeeking loudly like un-oiled wheels and monkeys occasionally join in with a chorus of howling. We took a trip up river to the damm and a walk gave a view of the canal locks from a different perspective. We have seen the locks from both sides now but still somehow (to misquote Joni) it is the view from inside that will be the one that matters.
Our list of breakages and faults was briefly on the right side of a few but now the outboard is back on the list and the Garmin also refuses to switch on. Plusthe autohelm just wants to turn us in tight circles. My main navigation method may turn out to be a samsung phone. I do have a paper chart for last resort.
Back to SB in the morning for fuel, water and last minute provisins and make sure our lines and line handlers are still available. Then transit on Saturday. Sunday we should be in the pacific.