Dodgy end cap

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 29 Sep 2019 11:36
I had a nice sail this morning with some real wind. I even raised the spinnaker for a couple of hours until the wind backed to the north. 
I had to stop the engine yesterday as the temperature was high. When it had cooled I could see that the dodgy end cap was leaking. I have made a temporary repair with deck sealer but will have to be even more stingy with engine use.
I also took the autohelm out of the aft locker as it was making an unhealthy noise. I gave it a clean but didn't discover the problem. It sounds a bit better but still grumbling. It is vital for single handed sailing.
Working in the aft locker is really a job for small children or midgets. OAPs with limited joint flexibility should be excused but no children were handy. 
Planning to stop for a waterfall trek tomorrow.