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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 1 Jul 2019 10:51

Saturday 28th -Monday 1st July
No sign of the chief as we left Nono at 7am in flat calm and no wind. I hoped there might be something as we escaped the shelter of the islands, but it was 4 in the afternoon before we were able to turn off the engine. A whole days motoring is akin to torture for Diana but as it was followed by rising wind and lively motion the torture didn't really abate when we did get sailing.  Sunday was fast sailing with 20 knots on the beam, a small jib and 2 reefs in the main but the sea was jumbled and uncomfortable. We had a young booby type bird riding with us for most of the night-at one point it lost its footing on the solar panels and landed on my knee. Of the two of us I was more nervous is its beak looked as if it could do some damage if it wanted. The wind eased in the night and today we have been close hauled in just enough  breeze to keep us moving at 4-5 knots but with too much south to keep us on course for Misima island. It has been more comfortable however and appetites have recovered. Now in the evening the wind has backed south-east to give us the course we need. Misima island should be visible in the morning.
I have have had a pussy finger on my right hand and a pussy thumb on my left for a few days and Diana was sufficiently recovered today to take charge and  apply lotions and make me skewer myself and drain the puss. I am not sure if that is the best policy -I read that Paul Theroux boiled his infected finger which sounds a more drastic solution. I have been soaking mine in boiled water but not quite boiling.
We sighted two ships today and had a fish in the cockpit- not one I caught with hook and line but a flyer that chose the wrong flight path.  I threw it back into the sea before thinking about keeping it for tea. So what with boats, birds, fish and puss it has been an eventfull passage by any standards.