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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 10 May 2019 11:06

Friday 10th May   New Caledonia

We chose the wrong marina-we had a 50/50 chance but in the morning I rowed across  to the Marina del Sud office and then to the boatyard and was given a number for a marine service company in the main Port Moselle marina. Making our way round we managed to get Port control on the radio and were informed that there were no berths available. I had already phoned the rigger who was expecting to meet us in the marina and maybe he pulled some strings but the radio called us up a few minutes later and said they had found a space for us.  It is conveniently close to the office and washing facilities and adjacent bar.  Hence we were able to get the marina paperwork sorted in quick time, walked up to the imigration office which was just one relatively painless form to fill, and were back waiting for the biosecurity girl and the rigger to return and measure up.
Meanwhile I inched the sails, foil and forestay off the boat and onto the pontoon and separated the sails from the forestay. The foil is a bit bent and there is a bit of local damage each end but the young french rigger thinks we will be able to save the foil which is a relief as replacing it here isnt a quick option. As it is the fabricator has offerred to rush a new stay through in 11 days. It seems they are very busy and we are back on island time rather than hectic mainland  time.

The rigger made no fuss about climbing the mast. I havent managed higher than the cross trees yet and that feels too high.
The wire has sheared at the top fitting- too much side load and the swaying action of the jibs when running must be a factor even though it actually failed when close hauled.

We had our free beer at the bar and supper on board listening to the band playing Dire Straights type soft rock for the bar clientelle.