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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 20 Sep 2019 01:24
20/09/19  72 miles for 24 hr run

position 11 05.520 S 126 35.96E

Another slow day. I wasted a few miles skirting round an oil field this morning. Fortunately didn't snooze my way into the middle of it. I turned the radio on when I spotted it and the support vessel warned me to keep 5 miles away in a friendly manner.  I thought of suggesting that they should leave the oil in the ground, but the hypocracy of the suggestion as I motored around the exclusion zone would have been glaring. I set out with green(ish) intentions, determined to make my diesel last at least until Malaysia but without the engine I would be drifting aimlessly for weeks in the Timor sea waiting for a cyclone to mow me down sometime in October. 

I got a shock last night as what appeared to be a small helicopter made an uncontrolled landing in the cockpit. It turned out to be this rather magnificent creature.
With no wind to blow it off course I wonder why it set off to sea in the first place.

This is a fairly typical sea state-no risk of sickness is a plus but I would gladly swap a settled tum for some wind.