position. 12:25.0N 56:41.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 5 Feb 2023 06:52
Sun 5th Feb. 149m

A fairly comfortable night with steady 15kn wind now easing to around 10-12kn NE. Similar wind forecast for the next couple of days.
We should turn round Socotra into the Gulf of Aden tomorrow sometime.
Another fishing lure lost yesterday, the 3rd this trip with no success. I need heavier gear but also don't want to be battling with anything that can snap 100lb line, particularly if it has teeth or worse a sword on its nose. Last but one lure now out with a flying fish added for extra allure. The flying fish present themselves on the deck for this very purpose each morning.
A tropic bird battling upwind 1st thing. They have to work so hard I can't believe they ever reach the far shore.
1st container ship sighted on the northern horizon this morning since leaving Galle. More ships expected now emerging from the red sea.