position S12 13.000 E129 31.400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 19 Sep 2019 09:30
Wednesday 18th Sept  110 miles in 24 hrs

My good progress lasted a few hours before the wind backed north-west  and pushed me off course heading back towards Sir Frederick Hills on the Australian coast. Eventually it died completely and after 1.5 hrs of  motoring guess what- overheated! Thinking dark thoughts and wondering if the payment had gone through to Nafea I let it cool down and saw that the water had once more vanished from the header tank. This time when I re-filled it there was an obvious leak from one of the rubber end  caps.
It must have been close to failing when Nafea put it back on - I had replaced the forward end cap previously but didn't have a spare stern cap so with the stress of being taken off and on several times it was probably due to fail.  It is very difficult to get a good seal both ends of the pipe stack- it could do with being 10mm longer for better engagement. After one failed attempt with a modified old forward cap to replace the failed stern cap I have done the best I can at sealing both ends but as I am now sailing nicely again I will leave the test untill the next lull.  Provided the failed end cap is the cause and not a symptom of a different problem I will withdraw my negative thoughts towards Nafea. The payment should have gone through by now anyway.
The forecast is for light winds for the next few days so it could be a slow trip.