position N13 43 700 W 29 32 240

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 25 Apr 2015 13:23
12:30 25/04/15
155 miles logged for 1st 24 hrs so very good progress. Slowed last night but still 4-5 knots in 10-12 apparent wind speed on stbd quarter. 3 hour watches working well-nice to get 6 hours uninterupted rest. 12-3 day watch is chef for evening meal and William made spanish omelette yesterday. My first few mouthfuls came back up (tasted good both ways!) but then felt hungry enough to eat the rest which stayed down.
Tried the squid lure for tuna but so far just weed caught of which there is lots floating by in small clumps. The flying fish are now smaller- but take off in shoals -or should it be flocks? Maybe shocks sounds good.
Started to get Williams life story which should keep me going for most of the trip.