position S17 16.600 W159 09.800

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 30 May 2018 02:10
Tuesday 27th May. 117miles run for the last 24hrs.

Steady progress yesterday and overnight. The wind backed a little to the north pushing us further south to still fill with twin jibs. A sail change required to get back on course for Palmerston.
Sails changed to starboard tack main & jib, heading just north of west with 10kn wind on the beam. The self steering is on a balance point between wind forward in which case the weather helm increases pushing her further to windward or wind aft in which case the opposite occurs. I have been fiddling with it most of the day but it is holding reasonably well now.

Diana spilt her tea on herself and bunk this morning and has been out of sorts since. The sail change didn't help as motion suffers but we are steady now.

Nothing on the fishing line. I bought new lure in Bora Bora having lost another on overboard (just clumsyness) but it doesn't swim very well and surfaces too much. Not much chance of taking it back unfortunately. I am trying with a squid lure at the moment.