Arrived Kupang.

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 22 Sep 2019 06:25
22/09/19  arrived midday (1.5hr time difference- so more like 10:30 local time)
position 10 09.380S 20 S 123 34.810E

After another windless morning and a stop for cleaning the port side bottom the wind built gradually in the afternoon and became a lovely 12-15 knots on the stern -starting on the port side but soon requiring a jybe and then a nice broad reach overnight.  It almost took me all the way to the Roti Strait between Timor and Roti but died at around 6.00am leaving me a slow motor round to Kupang with quite a strong current against. 

The guide had mentioned to anchor off Teddy's Bar which is easily spotted from the sea due to the name being painted on the wall in large letters. I scoured the buildings with my binoclars but couldn't see Teddys bar written anywhere so dropped anchor near some fishing boats where the chart marked an anchor symbol. I had noted a number for a driver (needed for doing the rounds of customs, immigration & quarantine) recommended by a yacht on noonsite and tried phoning on my UK phone. I did get through and between Sefri and his wife I thought  we had understood that he would come and meet me on the beach, near the fishing boats.
So when a man appeared shortly after waving at me on the beach I assumed Sefri must live just round the corner.  I launched the dinghy and rowed ashore in quite a chop. It is an exposed anchorage and with the wind picking up from the west the dinghy ride was lively.  I am hoping that westerleys are not normal as that is the direction in which I will be heading next.

My neighbour.

When Sefri introduced himself as Ayub, asking if I was James and saying I had been in touch wih him via noonsite I was confused. Ayub's hand written card states he is a yacht agent who arranges paperwork for a fee and he is recommended on noonsite  but he dosn't have a car and uses the minibus' to get around (which is fine). He assures me that he is honest and charges less then  eveyone else,  but I don't know if Sefri put him onto me or if Sefri is waiting for me on a different beach or if Sefri would have been cheaper than Ayub. I do know that noonsite warns that you can get stung by people offering to help  on the beach but hopefully Ayub doesn't fall into that category.

So far he has tried to find me a sim card but the shops were shut, then he suggested I buy some chicken and noodles from a take-a-way which was nice, and then a phone call told him that CIQ were shut (as I thought they probably would be) and to do the registration tomorrow. So I will meet him again on the beach in the morning and see how we get on.

I was going to have a wander round town but Ayub worried that we would both get into trouble if quarantine spotted me about before clearing in so I am confined to quarters untill the morning.

Kupang doesn't have a very beautiful sea front- sea views and strolling along promenades are clearly not priority here.