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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 8 Sep 2019 11:46

Sunday 8th Sept

I whiled away the day doing little jobs- soaking salt stiffened ropes, sewing the spray hood weak points, screwing up saggy headlinings, cleaning the cockpit. When the engineer eventually arived at around 4pm I was  just about out of useful things to do.
Nafea Soliman is a very nice egyptian who is clearly much in demand having to work all day sunday. He gave me early encouragement by saying his last job was similar one of water escape and that turned out to be the calorifier leaking- something I hadn't even considered. However isolating the calorifier didn't stop the problem so he will be back in the morning with his pressure testing gear - the head gasket seems to be the next likely cause but a blockage somewhere in the circuit also seems likely.
He was keen to show me pictures of all the dying engines that he has rescued including a Perkins 4108 that he re-built recently so he is certainly the right man for the job and I am happy to defer to him in all matters mechanical. His older son is also a trained marine and auto engineer and is now training to teach kids- his younger 10 year old is helping him in the workshop so will most likely also follow in his dads footsteps. 

The restaurant overlooking the marina sells fish and chips and is called Frying Nemo. I don't think you could get away with that in england as kids of a certain age would burst into tears, but Ausies skins are seemingly as thick as crocodiles from birth and the concept of pc is still refreshingly alien. They do serve a very good Jewfish, chips and slaw.