position N20 00 600 W 21 46 840

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 6 Apr 2015 09:06
10:00 06/04/15 209 to go.

Very good progress- 150m in the last 24 hrs. Sun came out in the afternoon yesterday but cloudy overnight and this morning. Engine on again for an hour to recharge. Batteries should be holding up better I think. I will try and work out demand overnight. Just completed a jibe as the wind has come round a little east of north- presumably the trade winds beginning to
take effect. The twin gennys are now lying snug together on this tack so lost my envelope but so far rolling is not noticeably worse. Crew somewhat tetchy this morning after not much sleep overnight-a good wash and breakfast has helped. Problems with sat phone connection for weather files. Seems it only has to drop 1 bar while receiving to loose the file. Dad to the rescue with forecast to take us to Cape Verde- looks steady for next couple of days. I should be able to sort it if I can get wifi in Cape Verde to download a different program.