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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 2 Jun 2018 18:51
SATURDAY 2nd June. Palmerston

We await the appearance of Bob this morning to take us ashore and show us Palmerston. The atoll consists of 6 main wooded islands around the lagoon of which only 1 is inhabited -currently just 33 people. Bob is pessimistic about the continued population as the youngsters don't stay any more.

A fishing boat/supply vessel 'Lady Moana' arrived this morning, and has picked up a mooring.  Our trip ashore may be delayed as a result. We could take ourselves in the dinghy but the pass looks tiny and doesn't appear to be an diy option.

Bob was planning to visit Bird island this morning and collect tropic bird chicks to eat!  It seems to be an annual ritual at the beginning of June. Adult tropic birds don't look very meaty so I can't imagine the chicks provide more than a morsel but may be a great delicay. I wonder if we shall be given some for lunch.

The engine has been fine so far- I should have said that I cut the engine yesterday not that the engine cut. I should have mentioned yesterdays pic was of Palmerston.

This is the supply boat with Bob in attendance.