position 13:05.0N 54:51.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 6 Feb 2023 04:45
Monday 6th Feb

A slower night as the wind dropped away but just enough to keep moving at 3-4kn. No 24hr run figure as I made an adjustment to the route to avoid the ship traffic zone and then had to re-plot the rest of the route after it suggested we still had over 5000m to Suez. It is actually 2057.
It is considerably cooler at night now- light jacket and blanket for legs required in the cockpit.
Provisions are holding up well. Still some fresh veg in the fridge and plenty of cans, pasta, rice, juice, beer and I managed to smuggle a bottle of rum aboard in Langkawi. Unfortunately didn't manage to find a local Malasian gut rot. The one I found in Indonesia thankfully finished.
We are now north of Socotra and Esme checked the current situation there for us- definately not a stopping option any more so Dijbuti should be another 5 days if speed maintained. The wind is forecast however is very light for a couple of days so as we turn west we will have to choose between drifting or motoring and hope we can re-fuel in Dijbuti.