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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 8 Jun 2016 03:27

Tuesday eve 07 June.
A visit ashore to Tigre this morning confirmed the  presence of paradise behind the concrete facade. A much less populus and more open village with banana groves and just 3 streets running the length of the relatively narrow island. No sports here but a little holiday resort at one end with cabanas on the beach and a restaurant which served coffee to our delight. Diana tried to please all the ladies by  buying their Molas as they showed us ever more intricate designs. A trading boat (mostly they seem to be Columbian) had stopped the night before and the crew were working their way around the village re-stocking the little shops (still no fresh produce) and selling kids clothes on the jetty.

 We decided to head out away from civilisation for a night and set off for the Coco Bandero cays. A group of uninhabited islands some 5 miles out to sea. We had just one close encounter with the bottom on the way out but then saw a yacht further out to sea foundering in the surf as we aproached the cays. Through binocolars we could see activity aboard and whereas initially we could see her mast with a blinking mast light that (the whole mast) then vanished. There were canoes around so we decided that help was already at hand and I think probably the work in process was of salvage rather than rescue.

For the first time since reaching Panama we were no longer the only yacht around as 3 others were anchored around the group of 4  islands we had picked. That still left most of an island each and we picked a spot between coral banks some distance off the other yachts. 
After lunch and a snorkle over the coral bank we had a very pleasant afternoon on one of the islands which we had all to ourselves. A large German schooner had taken over another and  a catamaran and ketch shared another.

The sunset was averagely spectacular but made more photogenic with the palm clad island as a foreground. The day old moon is lagging a little further behind the sun this evening.