position N00 40.300 W80 31.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 26 Jan 2017 13:09

Thursday 26th Jan 07.30am

I warmed a little to Esmeraldas on further inspection- it does have a centre with a modern but slightly tatty cathedral and a busy shopping area with loads of internet cafes and a shop where I was able to procure the necessary cable for the sat connection. I didn't get down to the sea front area which from the sea looks like it could be quite modern and sophisticated. However I later cooled again as the port captain's deputy spent a couple of hours sorting out paperwork only talking to me every now and again to ask for more dollars. I questioned what I had paid the agent for but he said that was between me and the agent- nothing to do with him. It seems that Guyacill was to blame for the complications but I have no idea why other than the aforementioned lack of yachts that stop here.

I eventually received the zarpe at about 6pm and hurried back to the boat to make a speedy getaway just before dark.

Last night I motored around the many ships anchored off the shore and an area of wrecks marked on the chart eventually turning onto course in light headwind. At about 2am the breeze picked up a little and I put out the jib and settled on a westerly tack to give the engine a break. At 4am I looked up to see a small open fishing boat close on my starboard side and at the same time came to a stop. I had snagged their net! The 3 fishermen were very calm and quiet seeming to know they were dealing with a dim witted foreigner. After a brief attempt to pull it clear they took out the knife and cut the net both port and starboard leaving me with a few metres still trailing behind as I again gathered momentum. I assumed I would have to drop sails later when light and do some under water clearing. However I was fairly soon sailing at good speed on course, the wind having freshened and veered to the north-west. It appers that the remnants have cleared themselves. Feeling guilty about the damaged net and no doubt wasted fishermens time, I was able to make some reparation later as another small boat approached. Thinking they were warning me about their net I luffed up to slow down and see which way was clear. However they were actually just hungry and wanted something to eat. I warmed up a couple of tins of pork and beans and sacrificed a precious plastic container to pass the food over. They gave me a couple of fish in return. Thinking I had evened the scales I have just had another visit- Is the word going round? This time they were thirsty and I gave up a bottle of coke. Much more of this and I will be on shorrt rations before reaching Salinas.

Now making good speed on course and with a strong favourable current- Something to do with El Nino? Could bode for stormy weather later in the U.K.? I Might be talking piffle again.