position S17 23.200 W161 06.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 2 Jun 2018 03:14

FRIDAY 1st June. Palmerston
Arrived at 14.30- just about to try and pick up a mooring bouy when a dinghy sped out and directed us to a bouy further north.  This turned out to be Bob McMaster with his daughter and 2 sons. We always have trouble picking up mooring lines in any wind as it catches the bow and spins her off before you can catch the line, pull it through and hook onto a cleat. Bob made it easier by putting a longer line through the mooring and throwing it to me as I cut the engine and dashed forward. Still took me 2 goes though in  a fresh 15-20kn breeze.

We have had good winds most of the night and today, south easterly giving initially a bit of help motorsailing and then when the engine cut at around 7pm last night a good beam reach.

We thought we were going to have the island to ourselves as there were no other yachts when we arrived but soon after 2 catermerans arrived in quick succession. They were met by Simon & Edward- 2 brothers who own the other moorings.  Whoever gets to you 1st gets the mooring fee and gets to ferry you ashore and barter for any useful items you may be able to spare (according to the guide).

Bob has just been back with the customs official, the immigration official and a pretty nurse from Papua New Guinea who sprayed the cabins for insects.  All very friendly and not bothered that we haven't checked in at a port of entry for the Cook Islands. They set off for the cats after relieving us of $90 NZ for various fees.