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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 8 Dec 2018 18:23

Tuesday 6th Nov. Down to Whanganui.

I missed a day somewhere. The walk along the Togariro river at Turangi got lost. We were breaking in our new boots and a nice gentle river walk became a bit more arduous as I added a few km by missing the return bridge.

The Shepherds hut bnb was delightful. In a field on a sheep farm, with lovely views of rolling hills all round us. The farmers wife had lit the woodburner and we had bought our supper in a 4 Square in Raetihi on the way through. It would have been a lovely spot to rest up for a day and wander but we had places to go and things to see.

 We chose to drive to Whanganui via the scenic route along the river Whanganui stopping at frequent view points looking down the gorge.
We also stopped at Jerusalem-not having teleported to Palestine. 

This catholic convent was set up by a nun called Suzanne Aubert and the pretty church was open and kept in good order by the nuns who have kept the convent going since 1890.
We aslo stopped at a restored old flour mill. The area used to be known for growing wheat but we saw very few grain crops anywhere in NZ. Meat and milk, wine & hops, fruit and honey appear to be the only visible produce. The farmers market in Paihia had a good range of vegetables so there must be vegetable farmers too.
We had a look around Whanganui which had a couple of good art galleries including a ceramic museum where we met the proprietor and artist Rick Rudd who it turned out had grown up in Great Yarmouth and studied at the art college there (now gone). Liked his teapots a lot. There was also a glass workshop and we watched some glass blowing in progress.
Rick Rudd teapot form 011
The cinema was showing A Star is Born so went back in the evening and had a meal in the Japanese restaurant in the old post office opposite before the film. Enjoyed the film -good performances -didn't recognise the male lead but then realised (on googling) he is in just about everything at the moment. Lady Gaga acts well-I suspect both Barbara & Judy before her could sing better.
Our bnb for the night was a cabin in the garden of a house belonging to a couple of german artists. Heine is the foremost (possibly only)  enamalist in New Zealand and Eva a classical sculptor working in sandstone.

Heine's studio in the garage showed some nice colourful pieces- the size of his enamel was limited by his kiln but by making up jigsaw type puzzles he produced some lovely compositions

His Degas style stuff was great.

Evas nice smooth sculptures were displayed in the front garden.