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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 7 Aug 2017 19:09
Mon 7th August

I have discovered the ideal way for a masochist to spend an enjoyable sunday - dismantle and service the poo pump in a small dark cupboard with blind slotted screws and nuts which inevitably drop out of their recesses and dissapear into the bowells of the boat.
After cleaning out the encrusted gunk I succeded in getting it back together for the 2nd time (1st time no suction) and spent another couple of hours this morning on the last most inaccessible bolt which required me to glue the nut to my fingertip in order to fiddle about with the blind bolt untill the screw driver finds the slot and the nut engages at the back. There is great satisfaction in finally getting a working pump -I must be a masochist I suppose.

We did escape the boat late in the afternoon and walked around past the airport to another lovely beach and enjoyed a swim and snorkle with turtles.  Supper ashore on the esplanade was also a treat.

This morning our exit paperwork (zarpe) arrived by taxi but I have arranged to meet someone  in town who may be able to help with the alternator. Then maybe an overnight trip to Santa Cruz.

The electrico came with his mate and diagnosed the problem, took the alternator apart and sorted out 3 problems that it appears hadn't been sorted in Salinas. Back together and it appears to producing charge. I say appears as I thought that before incorrectly but I do have more confidence in this chap than in Arnould who was well meaning but no electrical specialist. There is strong sun and wind at the moment so good charge comming in  from all sides. We gave the workers some coffee afterwards and it turns out he is also a coffee grower- 400kg  per year to supply yachts only. May not have understood that quite correctly. I showed him the coffee beans I  bought in a souvenir shop which he clearly thought very inferior to his stuff.