Fwd: Komodo.

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 27 Sep 2019 05:35

Friday 27th sept
Position 8 34.240S 119 30.29E
I have done some stupid things on the boat but leaving a bottle of beer next to the computer while checking the sails as the wind got up has to trump them all. The sea changed from flat to rolly in a matter of seconds and now the computer is not responsive.
I can email when in phone mast range but not when offshore.

I have arrived at the Komodo National Park after a slow trip from Kupang. Mostly under sail but light following wind giving 2-4 knots and less.
I was planning to head for Rinca next door to Komodo but the narrow access channel reached at night elevated the easier passage to Komodo to favourite.
I have been ashore and purchased a ticket for a guided tour but the guide said too hot now so I will return at 5pm. 
As I entered the bay a boat told me to anchor near another yacht. I thought this is probably a salesman but better see in case he is official. The box of dragon carvings confirmed his intentions and I had a hard time getting rid of him, finally finding a few dollars for a carving. He wanted to barter anything on the boat, fenders, rope, hooks, torch for more dragons after I said no cash left, but eventually left with his dollars and a fishing hook. 
I shall have to be firm and unwavering in the face of persistent salesmen.