position S033 54.300 E174 08.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 25 Oct 2018 19:43

Friday 26 Oct.

I was wrong about the forecast. It was actually offering us 8-9Kn westerly which is now giving a perfect beat in towards Opua, at 5-6Kn speed. Should reach the bay late this evening if the wind holds.
In the morning the flat unruffled water allowed one to see into the depths with thousands of little jelly fish. I thought initially that we were encountering plastic pollution but realised that some jellyfish were putting up a little sail above the surface. Amongst the jellyfish were glowing specks of turquoise plankton giving the water a deep 3 dimensional apsect with waves of sunlight between.
I have been reading Brian Cox so now know all about the light but don't ask me to explain it here. 
Dolphins visited in the evening-quite a large pod swimming under the bow for a  few minutes. I managed to record a good video on my phone.
I used the flat calm to finish off my deck sealing with the black goo that I should know gets everywhere despite ones best efforts. I reasoned that I was now sufficently exerienced and did manage a to avoid spreading it far beyond the targeted grooves. I made a mental note not to walk that section of the deck and knew that Diana wouldn't venture forward unless we are stationary. So of course when the dolphins arrived I called back to Diana to come to the bow and see them. My video records the moment I cursed as she stepped onto the goo and picked up 2 lines of black on the bottom of her flip flop, spreading it forward.3   
Lovely sunset last night and  just as the red faded I turned 180 deg and the full moon emerged on the opposite horizon.
No photos I'm afraid- I stupidly asked dad to send me a picture of his scottish trip and the results gobbled my data allowance.