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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 18 Apr 2015 22:15

21:00 18/04/15
2 very comfortable days in Praia after Dianas return home. No sign yet of the new crew -last message from Dominic said Lisbon flight cancelled and being re-directed to Casablanca via Heathrow. Must be lost somewhere in Africa.
Yesterday spent reconnecting the watermaker feed pump electrics and drive belt to pressure pump. Now just need to fill the pump with oil (thanks Angus for looking into that for me), and can finally run a test. If you don't hear anything else about the water maker you can assume the test failed and I am not talking about it anymore. Walked up to the Plateau which is the main town centre in the afternoon and had a wifi session at a Hotel bar fuelled by a couple of Estrellas. The walk up to the Plateau goes through the Estrella brewery so seems churlish not to drink it.
George turned up with 2 re-filled bottles of gas (more extra cost) and offered to clean the bottom. Doubted that this would be included in his fee and sure enough brief inspection resulted in recommendation to go and fetch the dive expert to clear inches of crust. I am getting wise to georges methods and beat the dive man down to a reasonable fee but I think he has done a good job. George has borrowed my mask and flippers to clean his own boat- hope I get them back. A music festival in progress in the main town square and more live music in a nearby bar gave the town a lively atmosphere. Walking back to the harbour in the dark I was stopped by a taxi driver who insisted I get in otherwise sure to be mugged. He didn't charge me for the ride so wasn't after gain but I do wonder if Praia's reputation is worse than its actual bite.
Today after a swim and breakfast I walked back up to town and bought a few bits and pieces from a hardware store then used the free wifi in the town square to update my kindle as the nexus has stopped taking charge. Explored the produce market which is jam packed with fruit and veg stalls (all selling much the same nice quality stuff) with just room between to fight your way round. Thinking I would find a bus to the old capital Citade Vehla but not seeing any a view down to the low town presented a street with minibuses so dropped down some steps and wandered into a massive covered market selling not just fresh produce but everything else imaginable. Eventually found my way out again and was directed to the Citade Vehla minibus. Seeing a few on board already I was hopeful of not too long a wait. An hour later with all seats taken and feeling rather cramped in my corner we set off but stopped after 2 mins at a gas station where another 3 people squashed in- now we were 15 adults plus luggage and numerous small children. Some unexplained further delay and much heated discussion followed while my knees threatened to lock into permanent rigour mortis. A very large lady had swapped places with the attractive young lady next to me and I was now deeply jealous of the space afforded sardines in a can. Finally whatever problem was preventing departure evaporated and off we set, the 15 minute journey to CV unremarkable apart from the pain in my right knee. Thinking everyone would disembark at CV it turned out I was 1st off and the while some near the door alighted to make a passage the large lady moved only very slightlyso that I had to squeeze through her rather than round. I am sure I must have made contact with bits that she hadn't had touched for years!
Lunch in a very picturesque restuarant on the beach followed by a walk around the village-lots of mangoe trees, sugar cane and banana groves and pretty stone cottages with banana leaf roofs.
I had just got back to the main square when a minbus pooped and this time we were straight off back to Praia with room to spare. I suppose it is more profitable to wait in Praia for a full bus than hang around in the village.
Bought some fresh produce in the market (which was still in full swing) to keep us going if the crew ever arrive and back to the boat for swim and tea. Garage closed for oil so have to wait till the morning for test run.