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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 13 Mar 2023 16:00
No luck with the diesel yesterday so we remain in Ismailia for another night. Lots of excuses about diesel-the fuel stations close at midday, the customs won't let the fuel be delivered, Passage for the canal can't be after 8am etc etc.
Today fuel arrived after lunch, and a yacht arrived having left Suez at 11.00 am so rules appear to be flexible depending on who you speak to. As it is the $1.50 for solar diesel is several times the pump price and we had to pay for the taxi to deliver on top.
We had a visit from a very smart young lady from the Canal authority full of apologies for the state of the mooring and bearing gifts of shirts, hats and mugs with canal logos. We are appeased and have postponed declaration of all out war.
The work on the new yacht club has been more interesting and less nosy today as the workers have been trying to erect a steel frame to restrain the sheet piles about 3ft under water. Whereas we would build a cofferdam and pump out the water spending millions the local contractor has employed a couple of divers and the labourers jump in up to their necks to maneuver lumps of steel hanging on a crane while the divers do up the bolts.
It has been murky all day with sun barely breaking through so attempts at getting batteries charging haven't advanced. I have switched the engine battery over so at east we can start up in the morning.
A south Korean yacht has just turned up on route back to Seul. Conventional wisdom would suggest the wrong time of year for a southbound red sea/indian ocean but maybe they know something we don't.